Master Agreement Outsourcing

We have comprehensive knowledge of all types of master agreement together with an in-depth understanding of how the master agreements are processed within banks and financial institutions so that we able to follow internal processes and ensure that outsourcing works smoothly and seamlessly for you.

We deal with the following agreements:

  • ISDA Master Agreements
  • Credit Support Agreements
  • Stock Lending and Repurchase Agreements
  • European Federation of Energy Traders Agreements (EFETs And Related Documentation)
  • International Energy Traders Agreements
  • Standard Coal Trading Agreements
  • Commodity Annexes For The ISDA Master Agreement
  • Prime Brokerage Agreements
  • Master Netting Agreements
  • Grid Trading Master Agreements
  • BBP Terms
  • Related Documents such as Guarantees

Master agreement outsourcing helps you to reduce your backlog, reduces the time you need to spend hiring, training or retaining master agreement documentation personnel and helps you to budget effectively and contain costs. Alternatively, you may not have internal staff familiar with the master agreement in question. Here outsourcing can help to explain how the agreements work to your internal staff and we can work closely with you to explain at each step of the way how the processes work, and the key terms, and ensure that your master agreements are completed within your timeframe. You can also give us negotiations in progress and we can pick those up and complete them. We also undertake backlog projects and documentation reviews.

The Minerva outsourcing team is experienced in drafting and negotiating master agreements and they have worked in-house in leading banks and financial institutions so they know how the documentation process works. At Minerva we operate a "peer review" process which means that nothing is sent out without having been checked by Dr. Newbold who runs the Minerva team. This is designed to ensure consistency of approach and a single communication point for clients.

How does it work?

We send you an engagement letter and terms of business. You send us anything you want us to take into account: policies, templates and other documentation (if anything). When you receive an internal request to put in place a master agreement you forward that to us together with any internal contacts (credit, operations, front office) that you want us to contact. We keep you copied in and involved at every step if you want.

We draft, negotiate and finalise (with as much involvement or approval from you as you wish). We provide you with a progress report on an Excel spreadsheet of all ongoing negotiations, updated weekly. These progress reports can be tailor-made to provide any information which is important to you. On completion we copy all emails, correspondence, files notes and draft documents on to a CD for you so that you have a completed record of the negotiation for your records and for auditing purposes.

What does it cost?

We charge a fixed price per agreement type - no hidden costs or extras and you are only invoiced once the negotiation is completed. We also agree discounts for larger projects. Please contact us to discuss.

Can I try it out?

Yes - we are happy to undertake a trial for you. You give us, say, 3 master agreements and see if it works for you. Just give us a call or send an email and we are happy to discuss. We can also arrange for you to talk to an existing client about our service.

Principles Areas of Work

Our principle areas of work are as follows:

  • European market infrastructure reform
  • Master agreement outsourcing
  • On exchange and otc derivatives advice
  • Confirmation drafting and advice
  • Advice on clearing issues and clearing rules
  • FCA/PRA regulatory advice