European Market Infrastructure Reform (EMIR)

We provide advice and guidance on all aspects of EMIR including risk mitigation requirements, trade reporting and clearing. We have worked on a number of projects dealing with all aspect of EMIR including:

Areas of expertise:

  • Advising on and documenting the risk mitigation requirements for: non-financial counterparty status, timely confirmations, portfolio reconciliation, dispute resolution and portfolio compression.
  • Advising on the requirements for trade reporting including delegated reporting and reporting agreements.
  • Advising on clearing including changes to CCP rules, documentation issues connected with client clearing including LCH client clearing agreements, the ISDA/FOA client clearing addendum and FOA documentation.
  • Legal opinion projects relating to requirements for capital resulting from CRD IV/CRR.

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Principles Areas of Work

Our principle areas of work are as follows:

  • European market infrastructure reform
  • Master agreement outsourcing
  • On exchange and OTC derivatives advice
  • Confirmation drafting and advice
  • Advice on clearing issues and clearing rules
  • FCA/PRA regulatory advice